Saturday, September 25, 2010

21 Sep 2010: Edgran's birthday, surprise visit and a disappointing change

(Belated) happy birthday to my bestest best friend in the world, Edgran!!!

I'm so blessed to have you in my life. My world is definitely brighter with you in it.

I love you! May God bless you with all your heart's desire. Happy birthday!

Cacai surprised us with a lovely visit. Although she was in a rush, since she was taking care of her clearance, it was nice that we still had the chance to share a big warm hug. I really miss this energetic lady. Just like the other Mean Girls who left before her, it's really comforting to see that she is happy with what she is doing.

All the best to Cai.

Anna and I were craving for a slice of moist cake so we decided to go to Red Ribbon for dinner hoping to get a decent meal to go with the cake. We were so hungry because Anna took almost an hour to finish a task with one of the language specialists handling COL training.

To our disappointment, Red Ribbon (Chino Roces Ave.) is no longer selling rice and pasta meals. The lady behind the counter said that it is now a bakery/coffee shop. So, no choice but to go to Mang Inasal after we bought chocolate cake and cinnamon roll.


Birthday greetings to:

1 - Anne Gutierrez and Kuya Dom Dalisay
2 - Tita Precy Soriano
4 - Doie Dineros and me
5 - Tito Jun Legaspi
8 - Shamumiz Pungpachiez
13 - Kuya Raul Delfin III
16 - Dyno Ocampo
17 - Diana Jazmin and Meland Coloma
21 - Edgran Soriano and Gerard Salgo
25 - Beth Smith, Ryan Pineza and Mari Ilag
28 - Mark Jay Delos Reyes
29 - Ronivi Zambrano

Happy birthday!!!

20 Sep 2010: Storm Front

The day before, Dyno texted me that I owe him Php80 because he just got me my own Storm Front, the first of the The Dresden Files series. Yay!!

I missed my supposed 1st Manila International Book Fair experience last Saturday. Anna (my teammate) couldn't make it and Regina (my cousin) said that she has choir practice. I didn't find the idea of taking pictures of myself too tempting so I decided to sleep the whole Saturday away, a treat for a sleep-deprived being.

Anyway, Dyno gave me the book as soon as he took his break. The book definitely smelled good. *sigh

I can't wait to start reading the book again. Hopefully, I will still have the energy to read it after a long day at work.

Vayie: Ano ba tong blogsite ito? Ang dami-dami daming agiw!!!

It's been 1 year and 28 days since I last posted an entry here. Actually, this is the first time in months that I logged in to my blog account. It's not like my thoughts were missed. I suddenly missed writing when my supervisor's husband told me that me that I should write again; that I started reading my old posts and said to myself "why not?"

The truth is I can't do this everyday like Vayie and Tetay. That's why I admire them. They're my blog idols. =)

So, I want to make a teeny-weeny commitment: I'm going to try to post entries every week.

I'll just put the appropriate dates to indicate when a certain incident happened.

I'm crossing my fingers. I hope I can do this.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First time in what feels like a long time

I couldn’t believe it! No entry has been posted in my blog for almost two months. Oh well, as if I have lots of followers. =P
Of course, many things had happened in those 8 weeks.


I applied as a Communications Analyst for our program last June. I went through two interviews and I’m glad I passed. Training started last July 7 and will end on September 7. Hopefully, I will be confirmed as the Communications Analyst for Email and Chat. I am under the supervision of Allison whom I consider as a very considerate and generous mentor.

This new job proved to be much more physically demanding than I expected since I already lost a few pounds after a week. It’s like I enrolled myself to a workout program I am not aware of. Monitoring the agents’ emails or chats and conducting huddles and trainings everyday keep me up whole part of the shift.

There are times I would miss being an agent – sitting all day answering emails/chats, handling my own time, keeping my own pace (at least, that’s how it was for me). But, with all the new things I learn everyday, I just need to remind myself of how blessed I am to be doing what I’ve been wishing for. There’s no reason to be ungrateful.

People ask me if working as a Communications Analyst is hard. For me, it is, but since I enjoy what I’m doing, it makes everything much easier to bear. I’m happy that I am helping agents to do their jobs better. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to share what I know. I’m excited to learn new things that will help me be a better teacher.


My dad celebrated his 55th birthday last August 15th. He arrived from Bicol last August 10 to spend a week here in Manila for much deserved vacation.
He had a party at my aunt’s house with most of his siblings and nephews and nieces present. I wasn’t able to come to the party because Ceasar, Josine and I had to drop by at Nini’s house to greet her a “happy birthday”. (Nini is like our adopted child.)

I did go to church with Dada, Tita Liza, JV, Josine, Ceasar and other relatives for a thanksgiving mass.

Ceasar and I celebrated our 5th anniversary (since August 17 fell on a Monday this year) by catching the last screening of the hilarious film, “The Hangover” that Saturday. We just had a little snack at the Coffee Bean. Laughing for almost two hours sure made us hungry. We grabbed a late dinner at Javi’s Sikatuna on our way home.


L.A. visited the Philippines again after a 3-day mission in Vietnam. We had dinner at Cabalen, Trinoma branch. Too bad, I was not feeling well that day. I didn’t get to enjoy her company, but I’m glad that we spent time together. Hopefully, she will be back again in January.


Rodney, Jefferson and I got together one Saturday. I missed those guys. We met up at Trinoma and grabbed an early dinner at Bigoli’s, my favorite Italian restaurant (good food at an affordable price). They wanted to have a few drinks so we went straight to Quattro at Timog, Q.C. We stayed there until 3 a.m. since they still have to catch up with some of their guy friends back home.


Last Sunday, Mau, Kuya Raul and Doie were here at our place. I miss hanging out with them. It’s been a while since we last got together. I just hope we would put an end to the habit of watching our old gigs and showing them to new friends. =P

Hopefully, our plans to go to Sagada soon will push through. I really feel the need to get out of the city.


In two months, I was able to watch 3 movies. THREE MOVIES!! That’s a personal record.
Nothing But The Truth – watch it at your own risk. You may like it or you may not.
The Hangover – SUPER FUNNY!! It’s a combination of wit and slapstick comedy, so I guess, it’s a good formula for a hilarious movie.
And I Love You So – bring packets of tissues and I mean, PACKETS! Confirmed, Bea is one of the best actresses of her generation. Sam Milby is so hot!!


I’m so excited!
WHO: ATO Reactive Uno Animo peeps
WHAT: Uno Animo’s Anniversary and mid-year Wish List party
WHEN: September 5, 2009, Saturday, around 6.30am
Finally, this much-awaited event has a date. Yup, you read it right, guys! Around 6.30am. With our different shifts, this is the best time to get together. I’m so happy that everyone was okay with it. It shows that everyone misses everyone. Hehehe.. I can’t wait to take our pictures na yung iba ay pagod dahil sa puyat o pagod dahil kulang pa sa tulog.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

totally random stuff

I’ve not been feeling well since yesterday. I thought it was just because I’ve been lacking sleep for the past week, so I tried to get as much sleep as I could over the weekend but it got worse. I found that it’s PMS and acid peptic disease combined. Greeeat! I need to feel better tonight, I don’t want to be absent from work tomorrow. I badly needed to improve my metrics since I now feel the need to find better opportunities in the office. What with Vayie and Tin leaving, reality is starting to sink in. I am happy that I am still under Mitch’s supervision. She may not be the perfect supervisor but at least, I can be open with her about any work-related concerns. I just don’t want to wait for the time when I will have to deal with another drastic change – a new team or a new supervisor (worse, a new schedule) which can be stressful on my part since I like making plans.

Our team had our picture taken today with Tetay as our willing photographer. I don’t know what that’s for nor do I care. I’m just being a good follower and I hope it’s enough for them. No one's forcing me to get along with my new teammates. I know they are a good bunch but I really take a lot of time to warm up to people so I hope no one’s going to force the issue.


Ever since Vayie left, I’ve been seating on the ATO Reactive bay. It’s my little way of dealing with the sadness – being with Tetay, Khim and Tin – makes me feel a little less sad every day. I’m thankful that Mitch does not mind me staying there. I really feel the need to stay around people close to me, to keep me from “being insane”, to still give me enough reason to stay. I also found a less reason to dislike J since she has not made an issue about me staying in their bay.

Being with Tetay and Khim (since Tin has already left the company) brings great comfort. I don’t feel the need to always talk to them. Their presence and even their silence are enough reason to make me look forward to come work everyday. It’s also nice to listen to their stories without the need to always “react” without the fear of being misinterpreted. I just love being around them!

However, Mitch asked us yesterday to sit by the bay near her station. I don’t mind, so long as I can be with Tetay and Khim almost every day. Cacai also started hanging out with us more often than usual since she’s so gaga over their wedding preparations. She’s almost close to deciding what theme their wedding will revolve around and I think we’re doing a fine job helping her out. =)


Last Friday, June 19th, I got a call from my college professor. I was so surprised to get an offer from her – a full-time teaching job in a college in Quezon City. Oh, how I would love to have that job, but I couldn’t accept the offer (they needed confirmation the same day) since there are so many things to consider before leaving the company. With a heavy heart, I had to turn the offer down. I didn’t even have the courage to ask for the details (compensation, benefits, schedule, etc.) because I’m afraid. Yes, I am afraid. Call me a coward, but I still don’t have the guts to take the risk or to make a change – not now, not yet.


I just finished reading the Twilight Saga for the fourth time. I also started reading another book (e-book) about vampires, entitled, “Dead Until Dark”, the first of the seven books about the life and love (?) of Sookie Stackhouse with a vampire.

The ability to read minds was shown to be a blessing and a curse in these books. I often wonder how this power can affect the relationships I have with the people in my life and around me. If I ask my friends this question:

If I were able to read your thoughts about me, do you think I would still want you to be my friend?

Would I get comforting answers? Would I get an HONESTanswer? Would I find the answers unsettling that I will start doubting the friendship I share with the people I consider special in my life?

Maybe that’s why God didn’t give all of us that power because there are some things better left unsaid. I think, we all managed to be happy at some point in our lives on a need-to-know basis. We can never truly measure a person’s love based on honesty alone. Of course, I don’t like the thought of being lied to. In spite of the fact that we can never be 100% sure that a person has been really truthful in a certain situation, we still find it in our hearts to take a person’s word as truth at a particular moment, because in the end, what matters most is the trust that we have for that person and the faith we have for the relationship we have for them.


You should try reading Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels. The plot is interesting but beware Twilight fans, you might find the vampire in the story not as endearing as our beloved Edward. Bill, the vampire/love(?) interest of Sookie, can sort of give you the impression that he is, um, horny and a little rough (ends up biting Sookie when he’s coming). This is to prevent yourselves from being disappointed. I was, at first, and the “vulgar” words can be overwhelming, most especially when you still have a hang-over from Edward’s sweet nothings to Bella.

I think it’s more action-packed and sexual than romantic but it’s alright. The book caught my attention and that’s a start.


You should try Andok’s soft ice cream. It’s yummy and it doesn’t have the “medicine” after-taste. Khim made me try it and I’m glad she did, because the ice cream made me happy. Ha!


Tetay, Tin, Khim and I decided to hold a mid-year wish list party (before Tin left the company). We will call it the Anti-Resignation Mid-year Wish List Party. Our traditional wish list party usually takes place before Christmas but since we’ll never know who will be leaving the company next, we think it’s appropriate to find time to spend time together while we are still in touch with one another.

I know Revo, Dahl, Resty, Spawn and Joel would love to spend time with us again, but it’s understandable why they can’t attend our gatherings because of their respective lives and jobs. That is why we feel the urgency to have this special party. I have yet to think of the details to make this wish list more special. Hopefully, I’ll finish this before the end of the month.